Preterm Birth Initiative-East Africa Launches Video on Importance of Good Data

In this era of Big Data, making sure the data is accurate is an important tool for improving the quality of care. Good data can demonstrate the need for change and pinpoint gaps and weaknesses in both healthcare facilities and in care of patients.

“A Day in the Life of Data: Every Action Counts” explains the importance of accurate data in improving the health of mothers and preterm babies.

A team from the Preterm Birth Initiative-East Africa (PTBi-EA), Global Health Sciences and the School of Medicine, developed the video to train healthcare workers on the importance of good data.

Strengthening the quality of data about preterm births is a key component of the initiative in order to capture the true burden of preterm birth and to determine where healthcare facilities need improvement in caring for women and their preterm babies.

On September 22, PTBi-EA premiered the video at a two-day symposium in Nairobi, Kenya with its partners in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.