Informatics Hub

In 2015, UCSF’s Institute for Global Health Sciences launched the Health Informatics Hub. The Hub focuses on establishing data pipelines – from data collection systems all the way to data analysis and visualization. Spanning five countries, our 40+ informatics staff brings expertise in:

  • General software and app development; data integration; big data and data warehouses; surveys and questionnaires, electronic medical records (EMRs); statistical analysis and data triangulation; data visualizations, dashboards; server manage- ment, interoperability and data exchange;
  • Building and maintaining collaborative relationships with ministries of health, local partners, universities, and international donors.

Why Work with Us?

Information technology solutions and cybersecurity are growing more complex. The Hub provides affordable and convenient expertise to:

  • Handle data management and software develop- ment, from conceptualization to implementation, using the latest appropriate technology solutions;
  • Develop scope and strategies for data collection, analysis, visualization and use;
  • Ensure adherence to and compliance with complex UC cybersecurity policies;
  • Recruit and manage informatics staff;
  • Ensure any informatics solutions are in line with local and national laws, policies and existing systems.

Core Capabilities

We design, develop, implement, capacity build and provide technical assistance related to:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Unique identifiers and master patient indexes
  • Case-based surveillance (CBS)
  • Monitoring systems and surveillance tools
  • Data warehouses for health data
  • Health Information Systems (HIS) landscape assessments
  • Data visualization
  • Server and Cloud infrastructure
  • Electronic cancer registries

For more detailed information regarding our core capabilities, please read our two-page summary.

Our Services

The Hub provides a full range of assistance for informatics-related projects:

  • Grant writing
  • HIS scoping & resourcing
  • Monitoring HIS deliverables
  • Server system administration and cloud-hosting
  • Comprehensive HIS project management
  • Staffing: hiring, managing or supervising

Contact: [email protected]

Our Team

  • Director: Fitti Weissglas
  • Deputy Director: David Mugume
  • Program Manager: Michelle Moghadassi
  • Program Coordinator: Denise Barrios

Technical Team Leads

  • Vincent Yahuma
  • Mwariri Mwangi
  • Peter Lubambi
  • Rosaline Hendricks
  • Eudson Bambo
    South Africa