Informatics Hub

The Informatics Hub is a group of informatics professionals at UCSF in Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Uganda and San Francisco. Our team provides technical and managerial expertise to design, develop, implement, and effectively use health information systems (HIS) at various levels. These professionals have expertise in:

  • Database development
  • Website development
  • Specific health information systems, such as DHIS2 and OpenMRS
  • Mobile app development, including Android and iPhone/iPad
  • Spatial analysis GIS mapping
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Data use for decision-making and strategic planning

The Informatics Hub provides start-to-finish data systems development, training and technical assistance to transform data into visualizations that inform evidence-based decision making and strategic planning for diverse geographic and population patterns and trends.

The Informatics Hub also aims to empower informaticians in sub-Saharan Africa to improve health programs worldwide. We partner with local governments and health centers to ensure innovative technologies and data tools are tailored to local needs. We follow these guiding principles to achieve our mission:

  • Country ownership and leadership
  • Use country capacity for organic growth
  • Expand the culture of data use
  • Build onto what exists; don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Build systems that complement, not overlap

For more information about our services, contact: [email protected]


  • Bilaal Amin
  • Edward Bichetero
  • Felix Holl
  • David Mugume
  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke​
  • Asen Mwandemele
  • Edson Nunes
  • Bilaal Amin
  • Dercio Bucuane
  • Eudson Bambo
  • Antony Ojwang’
  • Davies Ray Otieno
  • Patric Prado
  • Hilary Spindler
  • Hugh Sturrock
  • Fitti Weissglas