Global Health Curriculum Bootcamp

The Global Health Curriculum Bootcamp is a professional development program for California high school teachers to bring global health topics into their classrooms. Participating teachers work directly with global health professionals and education experts at UCSF to develop a curriculum tailored for their own students. The program includes a two-week intensive summer course, collaborative work throughout the school year, and professional development stipends for qualifying teachers.

The Global Health Curriculum Bootcamp aims to build capacity among California teachers to educate high school students on the global health issues that impact their own lives (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), to create interest in global health among diverse communities, and ultimately, to encourage students to follow the pathway to pursue global health as a field of study and a career.

Program Format

The Global Health Curriculum Bootcamp begins with an intensive two-week summer course when high school teacher participants attend lectures and discussions led by UCSF global health faculty and doctoral students.

Throughout the program, teachers design lesson plans, assignments, and learning activities for their own classes using a “A High School Teacher’s Guide to One Health Topics”.

The program continues throughout the school year as teachers implement the global health curricula in their classrooms. UCSF faculty and researchers serve as mentors and coaches for the teachers through regular check-in meetings; they also may provide guest lectures in their classes. The Bootcamp teachers share their progress with each other and may collaborate on cross-school activities such as research symposia. Teachers share their experiences and assessment of the curriculum at the end of the school year.

The program will be hybrid (in-Person and in-Zoom). Teachers who are interested in meeting other teachers and program lecturers in person can attend classes on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. We will offer a Zoom option for those who prefer to attend remotely.

Summer Course Schedule

June 20-June 30, 2023 Course Plan

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1

Juneteenth Holiday

One Health

Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Summarizing Public Health Data

Displaying Public Health Data

Week 2

Public Health Surveillance

Outbreak Investigation



Program Closing Next Steps

Application to Participate

Global health involves multiple disciplines, and for that reason the Bootcamp is open to teachers of any subject – including science, history, geography, economics, and more. Teachers do not need previous global health experience, only an interest in global health and a desire to incorporate it into the courses they teach. Participants may qualify for a professional development stipend.