DEI Committee Members

Why did you join the DEI committee?

Lucia AbascalLucia Abascal
I joined the committee to learn, grow, and find solutions to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in IGHS.

Hana AzmanHana Azman
As an immigrant and person of color, I am here to equip myself with the appropriate tools that will enable me to better engage in hard conversations, with the goal of using our collective voice to drive change towards equity and inclusion in our community.

Ingrid ChenIngrid Chen
I want to drive momentum in the movement toward equity, increasing awareness and visibility to injustices and addressing them for a better tomorrow

Heidi FrankHeidi Frank
I joined the committee to learn, celebrate diversity and help make IGHS a more inclusive work environment.

Susan Hsieh
I am dedicated to a more just world where diverse perspectives and ideas are not only welcomed but included.

Melissa Paschuck
I joined the committee to elevate accessibility as part of the DEI conversation. I want to work in a place that is intentionally and courageously inclusive and equitable. I also hope to challenge my own mindsets.

Mike ReidMike Reid
I am motivated by the prospect of how global health research and praxis can be transformed by an anti-racist, anti-colonial mindset that transforms partnerships and empowers the marginalized.

Kerstin SvendsenKerstin (Shashtin) Svendsen
I want to imagine, learn about, and develop different ways of being and acting in the world (for myself and others) that will foster a more equitable and just workplace and world. 

Cameron ScottCameron Scott
I am passionate about ensuring that everybody has an equal chance at health and success in the UCSF workplace, in the Bay Area and in all the places IGHS does its work.

Libby ZazzeraLibby Zazzera
I am dedicated to social justice issues and using my voice to initiate needed change. I am inspired to create inclusive environments where everyone belongs and where people can thrive.