DEI Committee Members

Why did you join the DEI committee?

Lucia AbascalLucia Abascal
I joined the committee to learn, grow, and find solutions to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in IGHS.

Hana AzmanHana Azman
As an immigrant and person of color, I am here to equip myself with the appropriate tools that will enable me to better engage in hard conversations, with the goal of using our collective voice to drive change towards equity and inclusion in our community.

Ingrid ChenIngrid Chen
I want to drive momentum in the movement toward equity, increasing awareness and visibility to injustices and addressing them for a better tomorrow

Sun CotterSun Yu Cotter
Racial justice work can be exhausting, but when I’m in community with the right folks, it can be energizing in this relay race to dismantle systemic racism and white supremacy.

Madhavi DanduMadhavi Dandu
As a clinician, educator, and mother I aspire to unlearn my own biases and prejudices and to use my position to deconstruct the structures in our institution and communities that perpetuate health and racial inequity.

Heidi FrankHeidi Frank
To learn, celebrate diversity and help make IGHS a more inclusive work environment.

Anika KalraAnika Kalra
Racial injustice is a determinant of mental, emotional, and physical health and addressing it needs to be at the forefront of our work every day.

Usma KhanUsma Khan
I found the DEI committee with the objective of collectively (as a community) addressing issues of race, power, and privilege through a DEI lens with the hopes of influencing internal culture of the organization, resulting in meaningful impact for the communities we serve.

Eliza LoveEliza Love
I want to collectively re-imagine and build a global health system rooted in justice and reciprocity.

Mike ReidMike Reid
I am motivated by the prospect of how global health research and praxis can be transformed by an anti-racist, anti-colonial mindset that transforms partnerships and empowers the marginalized.

Kerstin SvendsenKerstin (Shashtin) Svendsen
My personality is that of an observer and listener, but in 2020 I found that taking an active role in a group trying to effect change made me feel less powerless, more connected and hopeful; I realized that I can help try to build a more equitable and just society, and I am committed to doing that.

Kelly TaylorKelly Taylor
I am excited about the opportunity to be a catalyst for a more inclusive workplace and to improve representation of people of color.

Katy VosburgKaty Vosburg
To build a more equitable world for my kids and because I am deeply passionate about advancing racial justice in our workplace and our communities.

Cameron ScottCameron Scott
I am passionate about ensuring that everybody has an equal chance at health and success in the UCSF workplace, in the Bay Area and in all the places IGHS does its work.