Drs. Elliot Marseille and James G. Kahn articulate "The Problem with Thresholds in Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Global Health Programs" which addresses the question: Have CEA thresholds: exhausted their utility?

John Rose, PhD is an accomplished expert on the design and analysis of discrete choice experiments, an area that is widely used to assess people's preferences and willingness to pay for goods and services offered within a wide array of market places including health care. In this webinar, Dr. Rose describes such methods that are commonly applied to economic value and understanding people's reactions to outcomes in non-market situations, such as to understand the implications of various policy scenarios. Discrete Choice and Health: A World of Opportunities.

Nine videos designed to provide an introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis. The ICER man cometh (including the DALY show) presented by James G. Kahn.