African Health Markets for Equity

African Health Markets for Equity (AHME) uses National Health Insurance (NHI) to link quality private providers with low-income clients in order to shift health markets toward providing higher quality healthcare to poor populations in Kenya and Ghana.

To achieve this goal, the AHME interventions address the five market conditions necessary to serve poor populations in these two countries:

  • Viable provider businesses
  • Quality services available at private facilities
  • Private facilities contracted by the NHIs to provide services
  • Primary healthcare covered by the NHIs
  • Poor enrolled in NHI schemes

Interventions at the clinical level aim to ensure business acumen among private providers, high quality of care and NHI accreditation. Interventions at higher levels of the health system aim to reduce barriers to accessing high-quality care by increasing access to NHI enrollment among poor populations. 

Since 2013, our researchers have been leading the qualitative evaluation of AHME in both countries in partnership with Innovations for Poverty Action. The qualitative evaluation explores provider and client attitudes towards quality of health and options for care, and describes the AHME operation processes and their effects on the overall markets and institutional environments in which they function. This is part of a mixed-methods study, complementing a randomized controlled trial run by the University of California, Berkeley in Kenya. 

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