Global Health Economics Consortium

The Global Health Economics Consortium (GHECon) brings together UCSF health economists and colleagues at UC Berkeley and Stanford to support the capacity of national and local jurisdictions to design and deliver efficient, high-quality preventive and treatment health services. GHECon employs a portfolio of health economics methods to:

  • Characterize the effectiveness and cost of available interventions
  • Design and evaluate interventions based on the principles of behavioral economics
  • Support program decisions that advance the efficient allocation of available health resources within the context of local capacity, priorities and values
  • Provide guidance on financing and health workforce
  • Identify and foster the use of best implementation practices
  • Develop and promote improved economic methods

Our audience includes local and national decision-makers, international health officials, funders and other global health economists and professionals.

Annual Colloquium

Our annual colloquia, in collaboration with UC Berkeley and Stanford, address important issues in global health economics, providing a forum for leading thinkers to discuss, debate and educate. Previous colloquia addressed:

The DALY Show

This video explores the disability-affected life year or DALY, a key health metric used in cost-effectiveness analysis.