Jaime Sepúlveda co-edits Dædalus issue on “Delivering Humanitarian Health Services in Violent Conflicts”

The Academy of Arts & Sciences has published its latest issue of Dædalus titled "Delivering Humanitarian Health Services in Violent Conflicts." It examines the dilemmas faced by humanitarian health actors in a world rife with conflict and draws on the power of the arts to help readers feel the toll of violence and to elicit compassion.

Three years in the making, this publication features paintings, poetry, photography, fiction and creative nonfiction by artists whose lives have been shaped by violent conflict and displacement. The creators seek to find room for innovation in humanitarian health delivery by taking a transdisciplinary approach.

"Delivering Humanitarian Health Services in Violent Conflicts" was co-edited by Jaime Sepúlveda of UCSF, Jennifer M. Welsh of McGill University, and Paul H. Wise of Stanford University. It is available on The Academy’s website.