From UCSF to the Pearl of Africa: A Nurse's Journey into Global Health Education

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

UCSF Parnassus Campus
School of Nursing, N-417
San Francisco, CA

Casey Jones, RN MS CNS CCT is a 2016 graduate of UCSF.  He is a Fellow of Global Health Clinical Education through Massachusetts General Hospital, serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) at Muni University (MU) in Arua, West Nile Uganda.  His fellowship includes a dual appointment as an assistant lecturer in nursing at MU and as a clinical nurse specialist at Arua Regional Referral Hospital where he works on the medical wards and on the palliative care service. 

Casey’s thesis from UCSF titled “ICU Families’ Experiences with Bereavement,” is set for publication this fall in the American Journal of Critical Care.  Casey’s projects have included developing a nursing skills lab at MU and bringing palliative care courses to the West Nile region through collaboration with Hospice Africa Uganda and the Palliative Care Association of Uganda. Casey comes to UCSF to promote the work of GHSP and to invite members of our community to consider volunteering to teach for one year. The Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) helps address critical global shortages of health care professionals by sending nurses and physicians to work alongside local faculty to build institutional capacity. Currently GHSP works in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Liberia and Swaziland, areas which need academic support to develop the next generation of nurses, midwives, nurse anesthetists and physicians.  See the following links for ways to join the journey into global health education: and

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