The Role of Universal Health Coverage: Innovation, Equity and the New Health Economy

12 - 1 pm

Mission Hall
AmfAR Conference Room (3700)
550 16th St.
San Francisco

Health constitutes a major element in many economies around the world. The drive toward universal health coverage will further boost the supply and demand for health and health-related services and goods. The new health economy emerges in an environment where international flows of people, goods, and capital have changed economies and industries. Supply chains of global corporations span across all continents and their marketing reach deep into many layers of society. How can policy makers think about the dynamism, the opportunities, and risks of this new health economy? What role does the new health economy play in achieving UHC? And how can attention to the health economy drive innovation and improve equity in the supply of health services to all, beginning with a focus on primary health care?

Jeffrey Sturchio, author of The Road to Universal Health Coverage: Innovation, Equity and the New Health Economy, will discuss these and other questions in conversation with Sir Richard Feachem, director of the Global Health Group at IGHS.

Sturchio is president and CEO of the global health strategy consultancy Rabin Martin, a member of the Global Health Group’s Advisory Board and a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise.