Placental Infection and Prematurity: Community Engagement Across the Globe

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

UCSF Mission Bay Campus 
Mission Hall 1400 
550 16th Street, San Francisco CA  94158

Pregnancy increases susceptibility to and severity of infections. If a woman's placenta becomes infected, her risk of preterm birth rises. While placental infection research is vital to reducing preterm birth rates, the importance of community involvement in this research cannot be overemphasized. For their April Collaboratory, the PTBi will be exploring how involving community from the inception through the dissemination of placental infection research can result in the better use of research resources as well as the uptake of findings in communities throughout North America and Africa.

You can RSVP for remote access here and learn more about Collaboratories, the monthly discussion series, here.