Master's Open Lecture and Q&A with Neelam Sekhri Feachem

12:00 - 12:30 pm

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Prospective students can get a taste of the Master of Science in Global Health program in a short “lightning lecture” by Neelam Sekhri Feachem on Tuesday, November 10, 12-12:30 pm. Ms. Feachem, a UCSF associate professor who teaches our Comparative Health Systems and Financing course, will present “COVID-19 and Health Systems: The Ultimate Litmus Test.” Afterward, our master’s alumna Hailey Reeves will lead a Q&A session for potential applicants to learn more about the program and admissions process. Priority application deadline is December 1. 

"COVID-19 and Health Systems: The Ultimate Litmus Test" by Neelam Sekhri Feachem:

Death rates differ by up to 100-fold among wealthy countries. Why? Clearly countries that have done better have strong health systems. But health systems are shaped by the values and politics of a country. What the virus has revealed about the priorities of their society has been an unpleasant surprise for many countries, and an affirmation of their core values for others. We will explore this complex and unfolding story and discuss some preliminary insights.