Master’s Open Lecture: Soda Taxes, Food Policies, and Global Health

12:00 to 12:30 pm

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Prospective students can get a taste of the Master of Science in Global Health program in a short lecture by Laura Schmidt, PhD, instructor for the Global Health Policy course. Dr. Schmidt will discuss international progress on soda taxes; describe her experiences working with partners in South Africa, India and Mexico to support these policies; and connect to the broader conversation about the commercial determinants of health. She will show how food policies are leveraging the lessons learned in the fight with tobacco corporations for evidence-based public health regulations. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session moderated by master’s program staff.

Dr. Laura Schmidt is a Professor of Health Policy in the UCSF School of Medicine and holds a joint appointment in the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies and the Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine. She works to understand how changing lifestyles are contributing to globally rising rates of chronic disease and seeks options on what to do about it. Dr. Schmidt bridges the worlds of biomedical research and population health in exploring the growing pressures of globalizing economies, rising inequality, and the marketization of products that are undermining our health. She is currently writing a book about the rise of corporate medicine in America.