IGHS COVID-19 Series: Lessons learned from West and East Africa

12:00 pm

IGHS COVID-19 Series: Country experiences - lessons learned from West and East Africa

Register: http://tiny.cc/ighscovidseries


  • Jaime Sepulveda, MD, DSc, MPH
    Executive Director, Institute for Global Health Sciences


  • Alex Coutinho, MD, MPH, MS
    Former Executive Director, Partners in Health - Rwanda
    Former Executive Director, Infectious Disease Institute
    Recipient of the Noguchi Prize
  • Mohamed Bailor Barrie, MD, MSc
    Graduate Student, PhD in Global Health Sciences, UC San Francisco
    Strategic Advisor, Partners in Health - Sierra Leone

Presentations followed by moderated Q&A

Watch previous sessions here: https://globalhealthsciences.ucsf.edu/covid-19/ighs-covid-19-series