7th Annual Global Health Economics Colloquium

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

International House, UC Berkeley

Medicare-for-All: How to Do It Right

Single payer / Medicare-for-All is newly on the national political agenda. Two leading Democratic presidential candidates support it. Yet transforming how we pay for health care is a major task. If Medicare-for-All is adopted, how can we best design it to achieve universal coverage, high quality care, and affordability?

In this colloquium, we gather leaders in Medicare-for-All design from the U.S. along with international health system experts. The discussion will review current plans in Congress and from candidates, and will highlight the best approaches and trickiest issues in implementing Medicare-for-All.

$40 students & community ($20 if no lunch)
$75 faculty and staff
$100 private sector

Program (PDF)
Presentations (ZIP)
Watch on Youtube (playlist of individual presentations)


8:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks by Organizers
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James G. Kahn, UCSF
Stefano Bertozzi, UC Berkeley
Douglas Owens, Stanford University

8:45 Overview: Single Payer Vision, Scope, Design Issues
James G. Kahn, UCSF

9:15 Video: Mission for Conference
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Pramila Jayapal (D-WA-07), Lead Sponsor, H.R. 1384 Medicare for All

9:30 Lessons from Other Countries – Core Features
Watch on Youtube Part 1 / Part 2
Moderator: Colin Boyle, UCSF
Core Elements of Universal Insurance: Global Lessons, Joseph Kutzin, World Health Organization
U.S. Single Payer Essential Features, Adam Gaffney, Harvard University, Physicians for a National Health Program

10:15 Break

10:30 Financing Medicare-for-All
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Gabriel Zucman, UC Berkeley

10:55 Lessons from Other Countries – Role of Private Health Insurance
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Moderator: Stefano Bertozzi, UC Berkeley
The European Experience with PHI, Sarah Thomson, World Health Organization
Lessons from Canada, Danielle Martin, University of Toronto
Lessons from the OECD, Frederico Guanais, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development

11:55 Medicare-for-All, NHS style: The VA option
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Daniel Greenwood, Hofstra School of Law

12:15 Lunch

1:00 Modeling Medicare-for-All: How Design Options Affect Predictions
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Moderator: Douglas Owens, Stanford University Robert Pollin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Gerald Friedman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1:40 Key Design issues in Provider Payment
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David U. Himmelstein, Stephanie J. Woolhandler, City University of New York at Hunter College, Harvard Medical School, Physicians for a National Health Program

2:30 Key Issues in Single Payer Design
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Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University

3:00 Break

3:15 Long-term Care Design: Settings and Benefits
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Moderator: Stefano Bertozzi, UC Berkeley
Charlene Harrington, UCSF
Allison Hoffman, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

4:00 Transition: How to Get from Here to There
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Moderator: James G. Kahn, UCSF
Interim Steps That Build Structure & Support for M4A, Diane Archer, Just Care USA
Lessons from the History of Single Payer and Corporatized Medicine, Laura Schmidt, UCSF

4:45 Reception

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