2018 Capstone Project Proposals - Day 2

9:00 am to 12:45 pm

UCSF Mission Bay Campus
Mission Hall, Room 1401/1402
550 16th Street, San Francisco

Please join the Master of Science in Global Health students as they present proposals for their capstone research projects. Master’s students begin their capstone research in the spring quarter and work on active global health projects in the US and around the world.

Students present their project proposals to the Master of Science Examination Review Committee. Outside feedback and participation are welcome.

Presentation Schedule - Day 2

Time Student Presenter Capstone Title Mentors
9:15 AM Jacqueline Shieh Exploring the Neighborhood-Level Determinants of Food Insecurity Among Aging Women Living with or at Risk for HIV in the United States: A Qualitative Study Ana Leddy
9:30 AM Kezia Mostak How Does the Use of Micronutrient Supplementation Interventions During Pregnancy Period Impact New Born Outcomes Among Urban Low-Income Populations? A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis Mohsen Malekinejad
9:45 AM Andrea Nickerson

Understanding the Effects of Snake Envenomation in Livestock on the Lives of Farmers in the Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica

Matthew Lewin
10:00 AM Liam Erickson

Attitudes and Perceptions of a Musical Intervention "Iculo Ngenyoka" for Snakebite Awareness in Swaziland: A Qualitative Study 

Matthew Lewin
10:15 AM Jeffery Ezennia The Impact of the Park Environment on Water Consumption Laura Schmidt
10:30 AM Abhinav Veerina Showing Our True Self: “Outness”, Trauma, and Resilience Among Transgender Women in Beirut, Lebanon Rachel Kaplan
10:45 AM Sumayya Mohammed Whole Genome Sequence Characterization of Drug Resistant Malarial Strains Joe Derisi
11:00 AM BREAK
11:15 AM Brianna Vargas Childbirth Experiences and Skilled Birth Attendance in Rural and Urban Southern Peru Holly Martin
11:30 AM Vahid Namdarizandi Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Initiation of Substance Use During Childhood and Young Adulthood: Systematic review of global evidence Mohsen Malekinejad
11:45 AM Ana Starcevich The Effects of Diet on Arsenic Metabolism in Populations in Northern Chile Craig Steinmaus
12:00 PM Emma Bohannon Immigrant Status — a Perceived Barrier to HIV Treatment and Care in San Francisco, California Wayne Steward
12:15 PM Hailey Reeves Health Education Videos for Tuberculosis Management in Remote Madagascar Elizabeth Fair
12:30 PM Toki Ko Policy Analysis on Banning Flavored Tobacco in Thailand Stella Bialous