Faculty and Staff

An extensive network of faculty, researchers, global health practitioners and staff works with the Institute for Global Health Sciences to teach, advise, mentor and support students in the PhD program. Many of the faculty and mentors are leaders in their fields. They come from the UCSF Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing, as well as from other UC campuses, Bay Area universities, and the wider global health community.

Program Leadership

Elizabeth Fair, PhD, MPH
Program Director

Ali Mirzazadeh, PhD, MD, MPH, associate director for the Institute for Global Health Sciences PhD programAli Mirzazadeh, PhD, MD, MPH
Associate Director

Core Faculty

Twenty-two faculty members teach the core curriculum courses for the PhD program and play key roles in mentoring and advising the students.


The IGHS Education team provides non-academic support to PhD students, including admissions, enrollment, funding, student progression and student wellness.

IGHS Affiliates

The IGHS Affiliate Program engages UCSF collaborators across the campus who are conducting global health research. Students can work with IGHS Affiliates during their time in the program.

Graduate Group

The Graduate Group provides strategic oversight for the education programs of the Institute for Global Health Sciences.