Short Courses

Students sitting at tables with computers and books

Introduction to Clinical Research Course

This intensive, 5-8 day curriculum was developed in 2004 and has been given more than 20 times to more than 250 trainees. It includes:

  • Morning lectures on the basics of clinical research including the choice of research question, study design, calculation of sample size, logistics and IRB issues; and
  • Afternoon workshop sessions during which trainees develop their own research question into a five-page research protocol (see sample syllabus from a previous course)
  • The course follows a textbook by Designing Clinical Research, 4th edition, 2013, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins written by Dr. Stephen Hulley for a UCSF course upon which we modelled this one.

Optimal enrollment is 12-15 trainees with a high teacher to student ratio to facilitate intensive mentoring during the afternoon workshops.