Mini Grants

Alumni from the short course are eligible to apply for “mini-grants” of $2,000 to $3,000 to accomplish their research protocols. This is an essential part of the training experience since writing a protocol for the first time generates a high degree of enthusiasm which needs to be channeled quickly into carrying out the project.

  • Calls for applications are issued annually
  • Grants are made to organizations only, not personal accounts
  • To date, more than 80 manuscripts have resulted from trainee research projects

To apply, submit the following to Ms. Ritu Sehgal at [email protected]

  • Your CV;
  • Your research protocol following the format from the protocol-writing short course and described in Hulley et al. Designing Clinical Research, 4th edition; and
  • A budget breaking out personnel, supplies, travel and other costs, with a brief justification. If relevant, please describe how your institution will contribute “in kind” support. Also, you must have an institutional sponsor, i.e. mini-grants cannot be paid to individual bank accounts.