Medium-term Research Experiences

Medium-Term Internships at University of Cape Town (UCT) or UCSF/VRI are available to a total of 3-4 trainees per year.

Medium-term internships provide individualized training in specific research methodology, manuscript writing and grant writing.

These internships include specific menus of training options at both UCT and UCSF/VRI in order to maximize the opportunities available to our trainees. Most experiences will be a combination of coursework in biostatistics, epidemiology and/or research methods with mentored HIV research internships.

Medium Term Training at UCT or UCSF and VRI
Total of 3-4 Students per year

Biostats I
Biostats II
Advanced Epidemiology
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods
Epidemiology of Infect Diseases
Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases

Epi 202. Designing Clinical Research (Summer)
ITAPS Manuscript & Grant Writing Course (variable dates)
Other Dept. of Epidemiology Course
Epi 201. Responsible Conduct of Research
Epi 212. Publishing and Presenting Research

PLUS, mentored HIV Research internships in one of the following settings (mentors):

  • REDS-III South Africa HIV network (Jentsch, van den Berg, Vermeulen)
  • VRI Epidemiology section (Murphy, Custer)
  • Other UCSF/VRI faculty (Norris, Pilai, Shiboski, Deeks, Kaplan)

University of Cape Town Experiences

UC San Francisco Experiences