Hematology Research Fellowship

Woman in hematology lab

This funded research fellowship caters to the research training needs of clinical fellows in hematology, It aims to facilitate protected research time for promising young hematologists interested in an academic career.

The fellowship provides a one-year (renewable for an additional year) fellowship stipend during which the candidate would have no clinical responsibilities but would be intensely mentored in research.

For candidates already possessing a MMed degree and not desiring a PhD, research training is pragmatic and resembles that outlined in our medium-term training. The first two months are devoted to development of a research question using clinical data available in the UCT hematology division. Months three to four are devoted to research methodology and might include specific research methods modules in the UCT School of Public Health or medium-term internships in San Francisco, depending on the trainee’s development plan. Months five to nine are devoted to data collection, and months 10-12 to data analysis and manuscript preparation.

For selected candidates the research fellowship provides a springboard towards a PhD degree in hematology. These fellowship candidates enroll in a Hematology PhD program mentored by Drs. Verburgh and Louw and benefit from one-to-two years of stipend to initiate their PhD training.

To apply contact Ms. Ritu Sehgal at [email protected].