Expand your global health knowledge and enhance your professional credentials through online courses taught by two world-class universities: UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. Whether you are a current student, resident, researcher or health professional—and wherever you are in the world—the courses teach you about today’s complex global health challenges, and how you can make an impact.


Graduate-level courses focus on global health fundamentals and are based on the premise that human health and the delivery of health care—whether at a population or individual level—are at the epicenter of global development and well-being.

Students may take the 8-week courses individually or as a series, for 3 semester units each.

Global Health Foundations (PHW212)

Instructors: Art Reingold, George Rutherford
Introduces the basic principles of global health that aim to improve population health at all levels in communities throughout the world. Introduces and applies essential concepts from public health disciplines to current global health challenges, to provide real-world context. Global health experts share their experiences and lessons learned from implementing global health research and programs.

Comparative Health Systems (PHW209)

Instructor: Neelam Feachem
Examines health systems and their role in global health, and introduces current debates about health financing and universal health coverage (UHC). Investigates efforts to achieve UHC by balancing the goals of quality, affordability, and access in ways that are unique to each country and region. Studies the evidence on financing, delivery, and governance of health systems, and considers the policy context in which health systems operate.

Global Health Ethics (PHW213)

Instructors: Madhavi Dandu, Rohini Haar, Rebecca DeBoer
Introduces ethical frameworks, theories, and historical references that elevate the ethics conversation to the global stage. Links theory to practice by delving into ethical issues in global health research, experiential learning, and delivery. Considers ethical questions about the discipline of global public health and the roles of governments, academic institutions, organizations, health professions, and members of the public as stewards of health.


UCSF students and trainees should contact the IGHS Education Programs Manager, Inez Bailey, to register for courses.


The joint online global health courses are offered through a self-supporting degree program. The cost for each 8-week course is $3,474. In some cases, fee variations may result from your current course enrollments. Course fees are subject to change.


The UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences (IGHS) and UC Berkeley School of Public Health have joined their expertise in global health education and research to create and teach online graduate-level courses. The two universities offer their strengths in public health, implementation science, global health delivery, and transdisciplinary learning methods. Faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching, capacity building, innovation, and health equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn credit for the courses?
Yes, if you are enrolled in a UCSF or UC Berkeley degree program. For UCSF students, grades will be transferred to the Office of the Registrar and will appear on your UCSF transcript.

Can I take the courses for non-credit at a reduced fee?
The option to audit online courses is not available at this time.

Is financial aid available for these courses?
Financial aid is not available for individual courses; however, if you are enrolled in a full-time degree program for which you are receiving aid, course fees may be covered. Please contact your financial aid office to determine eligibility.

When is the deadline to drop the course without penalty?
You must change your course enrollment no later than the end of the first week of each course. After the first week, you will need permission to drop from your Departmental Chair or Faculty Director, and you will be charged for the course.

I am a UC Berkeley student and have more questions. Who do I contact?
Find information specific to UC Berkeley students at the Global Health Graduate Joint Online Initiative.

Are there other online courses related to global health?
UC Berkeley offers online courses in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Science for Public Health through the Environmental Health Sciences Division.