California Department of Public Health Programs

We work with the California Department of Public Health on several projects to help improve the health of Californians.  These projects include:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention and Control: Through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control, we provide surveillance, data analysis, health promotion, and quality improvement to address prevention and control of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia in California.

Tuberculosis: GHS works to prevent and control tuberculosis in California. We are conducting a research study about how to reduce the risk of bringing TB into California at border crossings. We helped develop a five-year action plan for eliminating TB in California by 2040, and we provide expert advice to clinicians and local departments of public health when they encounter people with active TB in their populations.

Immunizations: We partner with the state to deploy information about the availability of vaccines to ensure local doctors are vaccinating California children.

Lead Poisoning: We provide education and training information about childhood lead poisoning prevention.

Our People

  • George Rutherford, MD
  • Cynthia Armour
  • Jennifer Awa
  • Pamela Axelson
  • Caryn Bern
  • Alya Briceno
  • Joseph Cavaleri
  • Caycee Cullen
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Antonio Everett
  • Corrina Goldblatt
  • Sarah Macfarlane
  • Emma Miller
  • Ali Mirzazadeh
  • Meghan Morris
  • Jennifer Midori Niemi
  • Scott Paul Oltman
  • James Seward
  • Jeffrey Shapiro
  • Ellen Stein
  • Jason Storm
  • Robert Thawley
  • Jennifer Vazquez
  • Michelle Yu
  • Chongyi Wei