Executive Director’s Office

UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences (IGHS) has a dedicated administrative staff that supports the important work of IGHS researchers and educators. We provide leadership and vision, promote the work of our faculty and researchers, invest in new programs and events, and offer administrative support to ensure IGHS runs efficiently and effectively.

Our People

  • Jaime Sepulveda, Executive Director
  • Haile T. Debas, Founding Executive Director
  • Colin Boyle, Deputy Director
  • Jane Drake, Director of Global Programs Offices
  • Lissette Irizarry, Senior Executive Assistant
  • Alisa Jenny, Strategic and Technical Advisor
  • Usma Khan, Director of Staffing and Strategic Operations
  • Solange Madriz, Program Coordinator


  • Kemi Amin, Communications Manager
  • Geoff Daily, Web Developer
  • Robert Mansfield, Administrative Officer
  • Cameron Scott, Writer/Editor
  • Kerstin Svendsen, Graphic Designer
  • Laura Kurtzman, UCSF Public Affairs

Administration & Finance

  • Georgina Lopez, Director of Finance and Administration
  • Giselle Albano, Financial Analyst
  • Charmaine Bautista, Financial Analyst
  • Romy Benard, Financial Analyst
  • Melanie Macaraig Chua, Financial Analyst
  • Diana Cresci, Grant Manager
  • Jane Drake, Co-director, Global Programs Team
  • Jason Dillon, Grant Manager
  • Heidi Frank, Director, Grants Management Team
  • Allison Gesmundo, Grant Manager Support
  • Peggy Ghertner, Facilities and Operations Manager
  • Adriana Hoffmann, Grant Manager
  • Kathy Khehra, Financial Analyst
  • Maggie Lam, Financial Analyst
  • Donna Langston, Grants Manager
  • Atour Malko, Grant Manager
  • Naoki Onizuka, Financial Analyst
  • Rachelle Ruivivar, Grants Manager
  • Erich Schneider, Global Operations Manager
  • Evelyn Wong, Global Operations Manager
  • Ellyn Woo, Director, Finance Management Team
  • Ming Zhou, Grant Manager