Center for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Our Mission

Our goals are to enhance global efforts towards pandemic readiness, response and resilience to effectively deal with the biggest threats to health systems around the world.

Our Work

Our work focuses on capacity building and workforce development for pandemic response; data for public health impact, preparedness and response; and policy shaping. We provide technical assistance and support to help develop and implement local solutions.

Our Projects


  • Pandemic Preparedness and Response Conversation Series: Each month we bring in scientists, doctors and researchers to talk about their work in the field. Through this series, we aim to connect leaders in public health and ensure that pandemic preparedness and health equity are part of the broader conversation.
  • Pandemic Preparedness Priorities in Latin America: Lessons Learned from COVID-19: This virtual symposium identified key public health priorities necessary to prepare for a post-pandemic world. It also strengthened multisectoral partnerships and fostered interdisciplinary collaboration to prepare and respond to future pandemics in the region.
  • AFREhealth Symposium: CPPR supports AFREhealth in convening a group of experts from Sub-Saharan Africa to define research priorities and guide future research for post-pandemic Africa.

Our People

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Our Partners

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