The Committee for Community and Wellbeing

Committee for Community and Wellbeing

Launched in March 2022, the Committee for Community and Wellbeing (CCW) at IGHS aspires to facilitate opportunities for IGHS faculty and staff to engage with one another in activities that build community, enhance wellbeing, and mitigate burnout.

This committee cultivates an environment that is welcoming, values differences, and is aimed to support community building and wellbeing where we have a both a remote and hybrid work schedule as well as staff residing outside the bay area and overseas.


  • To improve morale and increase engagement by bringing people together in formal and informal ways
  • To network and get to know each other better
  • To promote belonging, inclusiveness and wellbeing in the workplace
  • To make sustainable a culture of self and mutual care


We are launching with four main priority areas:

  1. Wellness Challenges / Wellness Classes

    The CCW will be starting IGHS-Wide Wellness Challenges. Each month will be a different Week-Long Wellness Challenge in which we will incorporate a Wellness Class. Prizes will be given each month to the winner(s) and randomly selected participants. 2022 Challenges: April - Physical Activity, May – UC Moves/Experience Nature, June -Supportive Relationships and Social Connectedness, July – Mental Health & Self-Care, August – Sleep, September – Hydration

  2. Training for Mentors and Managers

    We will host and provide information for trainings for Mentors and Managers to encourage the development of teams that feel supported and empowered. For example, how to be flexible and supportive and still have boundaries; 1:1 meeting best practices; discussing career growth opportunities. We also house the IGHS Mentorship Program.

  3. On-Boarding Improvements

    Melissa Bacina, IGHS Director of Staffing and Operations, is leading On-Boarding Improvements! This will entail more of a deep dive into IGHS, newcomers meet and greet with IGHS managers, meetings with key colleagues outside of core group, new-employee in-person and virtual gatherings.

  4. IGHS Community-Wide Meet-Ups

    The Director’s Executive Team is planning more frequent IGHS Community-Wide Meetings. The CCW proposes to incorporate small break-outs with water cooler prompts, staff spotlights, games, and more. We will also be helping to arrange fun gatherings like a summer BBQ. In addition, we are hosting monthly:

    • dessert breaks at Mission Hall (1st Wednesday)
    • virtual meditation break (3rd Thursday)
    • walking break at Mission Hall (4th Wednesday)

Are you interested in joining the Committee? Do you have ideas you want to share? Please contact [email protected]. We ask for a 1-year commitment.


We will be disseminating emails to Mission Hall and using the IGHS at UCSF Teams Channel as our main ways to communicate with the Community. Please visit the Committee for Community and Wellness TEAMS page

Committee Members

Name Title, Group

Heidi Frank (Co-Chair)

Director of Grant Management, Finance and Research Services

Caitlin Dunn (Co-Chair)

Director of Programs, UPIEA

Jeff Mandel

Recall, UPIEA VTA Mental Health Task Force

Minerva Lee

Education Operations Administrator, Education

Laura Buback

Academic Program Management Officer, UPIEA, GSI

Jody Diala

Public Health Specialist, UPIEA

Avery Seefeld

Program Coordinator, MEI

Raman Kaur

Public Health Specialist, UPIEA

Melissa Bacina

Director of Staffing and Operations, IGHS

Eva Muhanguzi

Data Analyst, UPIEA

Robert Mansfield

Administrative Officer, IGHS

Kelly Young

Deputy Director, GSI

Jess Celentano




Dessert breaks at Mission Hall

On the 1st Wednesday

Two co-workers chatting on phone

Virtual meditation break

On the 3rd Thursday

A person meditating

Walking breaks at Mission Hall

On the 4th Wednesday

Group of co-workers hi-fiving