Improving health and reducing inequities worldwide


Global Strategic Information (GSI)

The Global Strategic Information (GSI) group has worked in more than 40 countries to strengthen health systems by providing public health leaders, clinicians and policy makers with the knowledge and means to develop strategic information for planning and decision-making. We focus our efforts on epidemiologic surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of programs, education and training, and conducting rigorous systematic reviews of the scientific literature.

Cochrane Reviews

As the editorial base of the Cochrane Collaboration's Review Group on HIV/AIDS, we are internationally recognized world leaders in the rigorous, evidence-based synthesis of HIV intervention research. Our work has informed the development of guidelines and policy statements for many key agencies.

Education and Training

Based at GSI, the International Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies (I-TAPS) program has been training scientists from around the world in HIV prevention research since 1988. Additionally, GSI offers short courses, including scientific manuscript writing workshops. GSI also supports universities in establishing public health master's degree programs.

Epidemiologic surveillance

GSI works with countries to identify behaviors associated with HIV transmission among the general population, as well as in key populations at higher risk for HIV infection. These key populations include men who have sex with men, female sex workers, people who inject drugs, long distance truck drivers and other mobile or migrant populations such as fisher-folk and mine workers.

Global Health Informatics

Technology has become an integral part of the global health field and is expected to play an increasingly important role as advanced technologies become cheaper and more accessible. Health Informatics is the intersection of information science, computer science, social science and healthcare. Geographically located in the global epicentre of technological innovation, GSI works with local and international partners and incubators to identify and adapt newly emerging technologies and apply them to the global health context.

Implementation Science

GSI has substantial academic and technical expertise in implementation science. Our breadth of experience primes us to partner with monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and public health experts in host countries, to foster capacity building through incremental stages of tailoring interventions, developing protocols, designing methods and tools for implementation, data analysis and disseminating findings.

Monitoring and Evaluation

GSI provides guidance to develop, implement, and evaluate health information systems, including using key indicators for strategic program planning and resource allocation.