Faculty Affiliate Program

The GHS Faculty Affiliate Program supports UCSF faculty engaged in global health activities. The program seeks to build a global health community of collaboration, provide a home to faculty with similar research interests, foster collaboration and increase collective impact of global health research within the university.

The Faculty Affiliate Program provides resources and organizes events to support global health efforts of faculty across campus, tracks global health research and facilitates building expert multidisciplinary teams from faculty with overlapping or complementary skills and interests.

All UCSF faculty members with demonstrated commitment to global health issues are eligible.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Letter of support, upon request,  from the GHS Executive Director documenting affiliate faculty member's global health activities
  • Networking opportunities with GHS faculty
  • Reference GHS affiliation in publications, proposals and working titles
  • Inclusion on the GHS website and other communication vehicles
  • Personalization of the UCSF Profiles system to highlight your global health activities and interests
  • Inclusion on a listserve for relevant information highlighting global health activities adn events
  • Access to GHS students (Masters and PhD) for research support and mentorship
  • Eligibility for compensation for teaching roles and for the supervision of trainees

Requirements for Continued Membership

GHS faculty affiliates are expected to contribute to UCSF’s goal of advancing health worldwide. Affiliated faculty members are asked to contribute each year to UCSF’s global health research, educational and implementation work in at least one of several possible ways:

  • Governance: Service on GHS or related UCSF management committees involved in global health (e.g., IRAC, GH-FIG, etc.)
  • Education: Teach or guest lecture in GHS or affiliated education programs; serve as capstone, research, or career mentors for GHS student
  • Community-building: Participate in Global Health events with the goal of expanding UCSF's presence and contributions in global health
  • GHS Research / Implementation: Collaborate with GHS researchers engaged in sponsored global health programs
  • Publication: Demonstrate mastery and commitment to the field in peer-reviewed publications

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