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GHG launches 2013 Clinical Social Franchising Compendium

For the past five years, the Global Health Group's Private Sector Healthcare Initiative has been surveying clinical social franchising programs around the world to learn where and how they work, what health services they specialize in, who they serve, and what their health impact is.More

Global Health Group hosts colleagues from PSI/Myanmar for writing workshop April 8-19th

Since 2010 the Global Health Group has partnered with Population Services International (PSI) Myanmar to improve access to and delivery of quality health care services through the Sun Quality Health social franchise network in both urban and rural Myanmar.More

Global Health Group’s Work on Informal Healthcare Providers Highlighted by Prominent Global Health Organizations

May Sudhinaraset and co-authors from the Global Health Group’s Private Sector Healthcare Initiative recently published a systematic review in PLoS One on the role of informal healthcare providers in developing countries.More

UCSF and PwC publish case study on innovative public-private partnership in Lesotho

The Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and PwC today announced the publication of a new case study detailing the design and launch of an innovative public-private integrated partnership (PPIP) to dramatically improve delivery of healthcare in the Kingdom of...More

Global Health Group Publishes Teaching Case Study on Myanmar Health Franchise Program

The Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi) of the Global Health Group recently published a teaching case study: “Facing Challenges and Opportunities for Franchised Health Services: A PSI/Myanmar Case Study.”More

GHG receives $1.5M for work in Nigeria on childhood illness

Global Health Group granted $1.5M to evaluate strategies to improve private sector diagnosis and treatment of childhood illness in NigeriaMore

Dominic Montagu, PSHi Lead to lead World Bank course on private hospitals

Dominic Montagu, Lead of the Global Health Group Private Sector Healthcare Initiative, will lead a course on Engaging the Private Sector to Achieve Health Systems Goals - Private Hospitals and the Private Sector as Partners for Universal Health CoverageMore

PSHi Publishes Case Study on Midwives in Indonesia for Clinical Social Franchising Series

In April 2012, researchers from the Global Health Group conducted qualitative research of DKT International's Andalan Program in Indonesia as part of the Clinical Social Franchising Case Study SeriesMore

The Health Systems Initiative (HSI) is now the Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi)

The UCSF Global Health Group is pleased to announce that we are changing the name of our Health Systems Initiative (HSI) to the Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi).More

GHG launches 2012 Clinical Social Franchising Compendium

Fourth annual publication features new health impact reporting and updated profiles from 52 franchises around the world.More