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Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi)

The Global Health Group’s Private Sector Healthcare Initiative works to advance the understanding of private sector healthcare provision in developing countries. Given the primacy of private healthcare services in developing countries, especially for the poorest populations, the private sector is a crucial focus area for overall health systems strengthening. The Private Sector Healthcare Initiative is committed to defining and advancing an appropriate role for private healthcare provision in support of public health and public policy goals, in the context of mixed health systems.

The Private Sector Healthcare Initiative’s goals are to improve the evidence base on the private health sector in developing countries, advance the global understanding of the significance of private sector healthcare provision in low- and middle-income countries, and ultimately, enable governments to more effectively interact with the private sector in order to achieve public health goals. We pursue these goals through research, training and consensus-building around a broad range of private sector issues.

We are committed to an un-biased focus on the places where the majority of people in many poor countries seek healthcare. Recognizing the primacy of private practitioners at all levels of healthcare delivery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, the Private Sector Healthcare Initiative applies research methods to support the development and implementation of programs and policies that effectively work with private providers to improve public health. We are explicitly neither pro nor anti private sector in regards to health delivery, but rather we are pragmatists, seeing the value of the private sector where it supports public health, the risks of the private sector where it detracts from public health, and the necessity to understand and engage the private sector in all cases.