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Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, countries share the challenge of controlling and eliminating Plasmodium vivax, a malaria parasite that is not well understood, and for which few drugs and interventions have been developed. As the first major effort of its kind, the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) was established in 2009 to bring attention and support to the under-appreciated and little-known work of malaria elimination in Asia Pacific.

Working with the University of Queensland and other partners, the Malaria Elimination Initiative supports APMEN, a fourteen-country initiative that seeks to collaboratively address the unique challenges of malaria elimination in the region through leadership, advocacy, capacity building, knowledge exchange, and building the evidence base.

The Malaria Elimination Initiative is also working closely with the national malaria programs in seven countries in the region — Bhutan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka and Vanuatu — helping them to document and disseminate their experience with pursuing elimination, conduct operational research, obtain funding for elimination, and develop and implement robust elimination strategic plans.