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Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI) Team

Malaria Elimination Initiative Team

  • Roland (Roly) Gosling, MD, PhD
  • Allison Phillips
    Deputy Lead
  • Adam Bennett, MA, PhD
    Programmatic Lead
  • Shannon Brunner, MPH
    Vector Control Research Analyst
  • Amanda Chung, MPH
    Program Manager
  • Michelle Hsiang, MD
    Operational Research Deputy Lead
  • Rima Shretta, MPH
    Policy and Finance Deputy Lead
  • Anton Avanceña, MS
    Research Analyst
  • Ranju Baral, MS, MPH, PhD
  • Joelle Brown, MPH, PhD
  • Ingrid Chen, MS, PhD
    Primaquine Postdoc
  • Chris Cotter, MPH
    Program Coordinator
  • Carmen Cueto, MS
    Research Analyst
  • Alistair Dawson, MA
    Program Coordinator, Regional Initiative
  • Kelly Harvard, MA
    Program Analyst
  • Arian Hatefi, MD, MS
    Policy and Finance Research Consultant
  • Danica Helb, MPH
    TPE Project Analyst
  • Sophia Hocini, MPH
    Vector Control Program Analyst
  • Jimee Hwang, MD, MPH
    CDC Medical Epidemiologist
  • Erika Larson, MSc
    Advocacy & Communications Manager
  • Andrew Lover, MS, MPH, PhD
    Vietnam Technical Program Coordinator
  • Melissa Melgar, MPH
    Program Analyst
  • Alemayehu Midekisa, PhD
    Google Earth Engine Postdoc
  • Gretchen Newby, MPH
    Research Analyst
  • Eugenie Poirot, MPH
    Graduate Student Researcher
  • Kathryn (Kate) Roberts, MPH
    Namibia Research Coordinator
  • Abigail Aldridge Sidibé, MPH
    Program Analyst
  • Nicolas Simon
  • Cara Smith Gueye, MPH
    Regional Networks Manager
  • Hugh Sturrock, MSc, PhD
    Spatial Epidemiologist
  • Jenny Smith, PhD
    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Allison Tatarksy, MA
    Vector Control Senior Program Manager
  • Yasmin Williams, MPH
    Vector Control Research Analyst
  • Brittany Zelman, MPH
    Policy and Communications Analyst