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Malaria Elimination Initiative

The MEI’s website highlights progress in eliminating malaria

The Shrinking the Malaria Map website focuses on the progress of – and challenges faced by – 35 countries and four regions around the world that are actively working toward evidence-based elimination goals.

The Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative provides intellectual and practical support to countries around the world that are pursuing a goal of malaria elimination. The Malaria Elimination Initiative, along with its network of global collaborators, advocates for and supports spatially progressive elimination — working inwards from the current geographic margins of the disease — as a complementary strategy to the significant investment in scaled-up malaria control in highly endemic countries, and research and development of new tools to eventually eradicate the disease.

The Malaria Elimination Initiative works at the global level to create awareness and catalyze support for malaria elimination through building consensus and disseminating new evidence on the operational, technical and financial requirements for eliminating malaria. We also work with a network of partners to support regional elimination efforts in southern Africa and the Asia Pacific, and provide direct country-level support to Ministries of Health and National Malaria Control Programs in nine malaria-eliminating countries.

The Malaria Elimination Initiative focuses on three areas: