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A Small Team with Global Reach

The Global Health Group is based at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), one of the world’s most esteemed health sciences research and teaching institutions. At UCSF, the Global Health Group is based within Global Health Sciences, which harnesses UCSF’s expertise across multiple disciplines, and focuses them on the needs of disadvantaged populations in California, the USA and worldwide. Centered amid the innovation and entrepreneurship of the San Francisco Bay Area, UCSF is also far enough from Geneva, London and Washington, D.C. to keep the Global Health Group’s perspective fresh and challenging. We keep our teams small to be nimble in thought and deed, and to emphasize and encourage the large network of partners and collaborators that create our influence and impact.

Leadership and Administration

Malaria Elimination Initiative

  • Roland (Roly) Gosling, MD, PhD, Lead
  • Allison Phillips, Deputy Lead
  • Abigail Aldridge Sidibé, MPH
  • Anton Avanceña, MS
  • Ranju Baral, MS, MPH, PhD
  • Adam Bennett, MA, PhD
  • Joelle Brown, MPH, PhD
  • Shannon Brunner, MPH
  • Ingrid Chen, MS, PhD
  • Amanda Chung, MPH
  • Chris Cotter, MPH
  • Carmen Cueto, MS
  • Alistair Dawson, MA
  • Kelly Harvard, MA
  • Arian Hatefi, MD, MS
  • Danica Helb, MPH
  • Sophia Hocini, MPH
  • Michelle Hsiang, MD
  • Jimee Hwang, MD, MPH (CDC)
  • Erika Larson, MSc
  • Andrew Lover, MS, MPH, PhD
  • Melissa Melgar, MPH
  • Alemayehu Midekisa, PhD
  • Gretchen Newby, MPH
  • Eugenie Poirot, MPH
  • Kathryn (Kate) Roberts, MPH
  • Rima Shretta, MPH
  • Nicolas Simon
  • Cara Smith Gueye, MPH
  • Jenny Smith, PhD
  • Hugh Sturrock, MSc, PhD
  • Allison Tatarsky, MA
  • Yasmin Williams, MPH
  • Brittany Zelman, MPH

Private Sector Healthcare Initiative

Evidence to Policy Initiative

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