Faculty Affiliate Lecture: Cardiology in Global Health


Mission Hall, MH-1407

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Heart to Heart: Pediatric Cardiology in Russia and Peru
David Teitel, MD


Cardiovascular Diseases in Latin America
Melissa Burroughs Pena, MD, MS

Dr. David Teitel is chief of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology and medical director of the UCSF Pediatric Heart Center, as well as a member of the Cardiovascular Research Institute. His research focuses on heart and circulatory function in the fetus, newborn and child with congenital heart disease. He studied at the University of Toronto and McGill University, before joining UCSF in 1980 as a fellow.

He has shared his expertise in pediatric cardiology through an NGO named Heart-to-Heart 25 years, NGO developing pediatric cardiac programs in Tomsk, Rostov, Chelyabinsk & Moscow, expanding Lima, Peru in 2016. Work with UNICAR, the pediatric heart center in Guatemala City, training and supervising research projects with peds cardiology fellows and residents.

Dr. Melissa Burroughs Pena is an assistant professor whose research focuses on the impact of urban development policy on health disparities in cardiovascular disease outcomes in the United States and globally. She concluded an internship at Pan American Health Organization in 2011, was a Fogarty Fellow researching household air pollution and cardiovascular disease in Peru and Cuba and was awarded her Master's in Global Health from Duke.