An extensive network of faculty, researchers, and global health practitioners works with Global Health Sciences to teach, advise, and mentor students in the Master of Science program. Many of the faculty and mentors are leaders in their fields and come from the UCSF Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, as well as from other UC campuses, Bay Area universities, and the wider global health community. The program has a high faculty-to-student ratio and provides close advising to each student.

Program Leadership

Teaching Faculty

Academic Advisors

The academic advisor for each student is assigned by the program directors and meets regularly with his or her student advisee throughout the academic year to assess learning needs and review program expectations. The advisor is responsible for:

  • reviewing course requirements and learning resources;
  • assisting with development of the capstone research project;
  • helping prepare for the qualifying and comprehensive examinations; and
  • assessing academic progress and providing feedback to the program directors.

Capstone Mentors

The capstone mentor is typically a UCSF faculty member or a close associate with topical or methodological expertise in the focus area of the student’s research project. The capstone mentor is assigned once the student’s project has been developed and is specifically responsible for assisting with the design and execution of the project in the spring and summer quarters, including:

  • helping students prepare the capstone proposal for the qualifying examination;
  • liaising with the capstone site and assisting with the coordination of site research, supervision, budget, logistics, and human subjects review (if appropriate);
  • working with students during and after their capstone assignment to collect and manage data, analyze results, and prepare a capstone product for review; and
  • acting as primary point of contact for any issues arising while students conduct the capstone project.

Graduate Group

The Graduate Group comprises the guiding faculty for teaching, mentoring, and advising in the Master of Science program.