Improving health and reducing inequities worldwide



Rosie Mayo photographed this family gathering potatoes in Cuzco, Peru during her fieldwork project

The Pathway to Discovery in Global Health at UCSF is one of five pathways offered at UCSF.

The vision of the Pathway to Discovery in Global Health at UCSF is to support and develop lifetime commitments to decreasing the health inequities and disparities in populations throughout the world.

The goals of the global health pathway are to prepare UCSF undergraduate and graduate trainees to be successful in global health careers and to support academic projects across disciplines and schools.

Trainees are provided with opportunities for in-depth study and experience that go beyond the routine practice of health care. The program offers courses and educational opportunities to build a background understanding of problems and concepts in global health, and tools for success in global health careers. The experiential focus of the program is a mentored project.

Successful graduates of this program will pursue academic careers in global health and research, careers in global health medical education, careers in agencies such as the WHO, CDC, USAID, project officers in Foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates or the Clinton Foundations, or combinations of the above. The Global Health Pathway is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all UCSF schools. Please refer to the Curriculum sections for more information.

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