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Pathway to Discovery in Global Health

Family gathering potatoes, photographed by Rosie Mayo during her fieldwork project in Cuzco, Peru

The Pathway to Discovery in Global Health is one of five pathways, or areas of concentration, offered to enrolled UCSF health professional students and trainees. Through required coursework and a mentored project, the Pathway to Discovery in Global Health prepares students and trainees to be successful in global health careers and to develop a lifetime commitment to decreasing the health inequities and disparities in populations throughout the world.

The Pathway to Discovery in Global Health offers two main tracks, based on the type of trainee:

  1. UCSF Medical Students: Medical students can engage in the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Global Health Pathway at three different levels:
    1. Pathways Explore: Before committing to enrolling in the Pathway, Medical students can explore short-term global health opportunities.
    2. Core Global Health Pathway: Students can enroll in the Core Global Health Pathway in the third year of medical school and complete advanced coursework and a mentored project in the fourth year.
    3. MDwD in Global Health: Students who take a year off to complete their research can enroll in the MD with Distinction in Global Health program.
  2. UCSF Residents, Fellows & Graduate Nursing Students: These trainees can engage in the Global Health Clinical Scholars Program, also known as the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Global Health Pathway.

Program Contacts:

Program Director

Christopher C. Stewart, MD, MA
UCSF Global Health Sciences

Assistant Director and Global Health Advisor

Mylo Schaaf, MD, MPH, DTMH
UCSF School of Medicine