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Volunteer Information

Complex Humanitarian Emergency Simulation Exercise

UCSF Global Health Sciences will be offering a 1-day training that will simulate a humanitarian crisis as an educational exercise and we need your help!

The Complex Humanitarian Emergency (CHE) training will teach skills and concepts required in complex humanitarian emergencies based on real events in Syrica and Turkey. We are looking for volunteers to provide hands-on assistance for both days. Volunteers will be assigned roles and will help to confuse, ally, direct, and subvert the student teams. Every effort is made to create a realistic environment for the participants.

We would greatly appreciate your help as early as 7:00AM and as late as 6:00PM on Saturday. Whether you are able to help out with a morning shift, afternoon shift, or the entire day, every bit is appreciated and no experience necessary! We are happy to have volunteers with simply a sense of fun and adventure!

The training will be a fun and interactive time at a beautiful location. Food will be provided and it is free for volunteers. Don't miss the opportunity to volunteer for this exciting training!

If you have questions or know someone who may be interested in volunteering, please contact Maggie Coffin.