Improving health and reducing inequities worldwide


MUHAS - UCSF Partnership

The institutional partnership between MUHAS and UCSF is reciprocal at its core. It differs from more traditional project- or department-based academic partnerships in that it is based on the hypothesis that it is more cost-effective to build institution-wide capacity. While the primary goal is to support MUHAS to expand its capacity to supply the health professionals that Tanzania so urgently requires, the partnership will also strengthen UCSF’s capacity to contribute to global health and the global workforce crisis.

Together, MUHAS and UCSF are building and evaluating this model institutional partnership and demonstrating that it leads to sustained and innovative change at both institutions. Through the partnership, both MUHAS and UCSF will make gains by sharing human resources, space and equipment, and knowledge. MUHAS and UCSF have made a long-term commitment to share these resources, drawn from across each institution, towards the achievement of each university’s own goals, as well as the common goal of strengthening contributions to health locally and globally.