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International Agreements

This guide was created to better support the UCSF community in establishing formal international agreements with academic collaborations and partnerships. The agreements in this guide address relationships between UCSF and institutions and organizations outside of the United States.

GHS provides consultation in planning and creating an agreement on your behalf. We also help coordinate the review process and serve as the Office of Record for international agreements.

How to Create an International Agreement

These UCSF-approved international agreements are listed by level of complexity, with the most basic document at the top.

If you know the type of document you want, choose from the list below and follow the instructions. For help deciding on which document to use, go to the Decision Tree. If the Decision Tree did not help you decide, contact GHS.

Letter of Understanding

One-page document used to express a general statement of good-will and broad intent to collaborate. Considered more of a symbolic statement which is often used for signing ceremonies.

Letter of Intent to Collaborate

Written statement used as first step in developing a formal relationship.

Professional Services Agreement

Contract in which an external organization pays UCSF a fee in exchange for services.

Project Agreement

Contract in which UCSF and international partner assign financial and performance of work responsibilities associated with a project to be completed within a specific time period.

Collaboration Agreement

Contract in which UCSF and international partner work together on a project funded by an external entity not involved in the project.

Training Affiliation Agreement

Arrangement between UCSF and an international partner for training of UCSF students at the partner institution and/or the training of partner’s students at UCSF.

Institutional Affiliation Agreement

Long-term arrangement between UCSF and an international institution for a wide range of programs and projects that span schools and disciplines.

Decision Tree

The agreement will be used to...


Need more information? The Affiliation Committee facilitates review and provides guidance on international agreements across UCSF. Members are committed to helping you navigate through the process.

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  • Matrix - combines information regarding International Agreements into a condensed format for easy reference.

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