Global Strategic Information

Led by Dr. George Rutherford, the Global Strategic Information (GSI) group has had impact in more than 40 countries, strengthening health systems by providing public health leaders, clinicians and policy makers with the knowledge and means to develop strategic information for planning and decision-making. Our efforts are focused on epidemiologic surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of programs, education and training, and rigorous systematic reviews of the scientific literature.

GSI serves as the editorial base of the Cochrane Collaboration’s Review Group on HIV/AIDS, and is internationally recognized as a world leader in the rigorous, evidence-based synthesis of HIV intervention research. This work has informed the development of guidelines and policy statements for many key agencies.

Key components of our work include:

Global Strategic Information Group

Current and former members of GSI talk about how their work is making a difference.

Our People

  • Makini Boothe, MPH
  • Deborah Bain Brickley, MPH, DrPH
  • Jessica Terese Celentano, MS
  • Shaan Chaturvedi, MPH
  • Alexandra Ernst, MPH
  • Hana Firdaus, MPH
  • Heidi Frank, MPH, MBA
  • Michael Grasso, BA, MPH
  • Matthew Greenway, BA
  • Richelle Harklerode, MPH
  • Jaco Homsy, MD, MPH
  • Roberta Horth, PhD, MPH
  • Zachary Isdahl, MBA
  • Sharlene Jarrett, PhD
  • Ryan Keating, MPH
  • Timothy Kellogg, MA
  • Rachel King, PhD, MPH
  • Christina Lindan, MD, MS
  • Grace Liu, BA
  • Alex Luo, MA
  • Andrew Maher, MPH
  • Atour Malko, MBA
  • Jeff Mandel, MPH, PhD
  • Alexander Julian Marr, MPH
  • Willi Mcfarland, MD, PhD, MPH & TM
  • Neia Prata Menezes, MPH
  • Rikita Merai, MPH
  • Joy Mirjahangir, MPH
  • Roger Myrick, PhD
  • Patric Victor Prado, MPH, CPH
  • H Fisher Raymond, DrPH, MPH
  • Celeste Rogers, BA
  • Christen Ann Said, MHP
  • Erich Schneider
  • Sandra Schwarcz, MD, MPH
  • Ritu Sehgal, MA
  • Nathan Smith, MPH, BA
  • Hilary Spindler, MPH
  • Sally Stephens, MPH
  • Kelly Taylor, PMH, PhD
  • Jenny Tiberio, MPH, BA
  • Wanjiru Waruiru, MPH, MBA, BA
  • Fitti Weissglas, MSc, MBA, BSc
  • Suzanne Welty, MPH
  • Karen White, MPH, MBA
  • Kelly Young, MA
  • Ming Zhou, MBA, BA