Improving health and reducing inequities worldwide



UCSF Global Health Sciences was established in 2003 by Founding Executive Director Haile T. Debas, to create a vision and provide institutional leadership for global health at UCSF. Reporting directly to the Chancellor, the creation of GHS underscores UCSF’s commitment to global health and to the care of vulnerable populations at home and throughout the world.

Since September 2011, GHS has been under the leadership of Jaime Sepulveda, who followed Sir Richard Feachem’s tenure as GHS Executive Director.

In its 10-year history, Global Health Sciences has experienced rapid expansion, with over 250 faculty and staff working across its programs, and a growing number of educational, research, and action-oriented projects underway in dozens of countries. In 2008, GHS launched the first Masters degree program in Global Health Sciences in the United States.

International health programs and projects have long been part of the rich training and research portfolio of UCSF faculty. By shifting our terminology and focus at UCSF to Global Health Sciences, we underscore our attention to the global impact of diseases of poverty, chronic illness, and the worldwide threats of new infectious diseases. UCSF currently has many active projects in scores of countries throughout the world representing all four of its professional schools, the basic science departments, and specialized interdisciplinary units such as the AIDS Research Institute.

Many new relationships for training and research continue to be forged, substantially driven by UCSF students who are keenly interested to share their knowledge with the wider world and to learn from other societies and cultures.

UCSF Global Health Sciences was formed to marshal this student and faculty interest to create cohesive programs and to coordinate the many disparate activities in global health across the UCSF campus.