Work in Progress Review Forum

The Work in Progress Review Forum is a scientific and technical advisory committee composed of IGHS faculty and affiliates to provide feedback and constructive critiques to global health work such as presentations, papers and ongoing research projects. Those interested in presenting their work in this forum should send an email to


Dr. Molly Cooke and Dr. Mike Lipnick

Reviewers will:

  • Provide constructive feedback to the work presented during the meeting
  • Engage in dynamic discussions with fellow UCSF faculty
  • Meet other faculty with similar interests
  • Contribute to build and foster a global health community at UCSF
  • Support faculty and students
  • Become aware of global health work at across campus

Reviewers won't:

  • Need to prepare in advance; feedback is provided during the meeting
  • Have to participate in all of the meetings; just the ones that are convenient for you

Presenters will:

  • Present your work to a group of UCSF global health experts
  • Obtain feedback to improve the work presented from UCSF global health experts
  • Network with other researchers with similar interests
  • Identify potential collaborations

The IGHS Work in Progress Forum meets once a month at Mission Hall, UCSF Mission Bay Campus.